African Kobe

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Buy African Kobe Magic Mushrooms Online


Buy African Kobe Magic Mushrooms Online. The origins of this unique mycelial cultivar can be traced back to the Eastern Coast of South Africa.


African Kobe mushrooms are renowned for their potent and long-lasting effects.Buy African Kobe Magic Mushrooms Online


Deeply connective and profoundly shamanistic, this extraordinary strain is highly effective in expanding consciousness and opening the doors of perception.

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7 reviews for African Kobe

  1. Jack Allsop

    As this was my first introduction to “shrooms”, and conservative with the amount (my guess, 2grams), I was very satisfied with the results.

  2. Joel Vasey

    Great product, great company!

  3. Sofia Talbot

    Took just a little over 2 grams. About 30 minutes later myself and the two others I were doing it with were hit with a wave a disorienting euphoria. The visuals kicked in hard making everything swirl and vibrate. The first 45 mins were the most intense I have ever had on mushrooms. The group and I proceeded to take our trip outside where we spent the next few hours exploring the inner working of our lives and society around us whilst being amazed by the kaleidoscopic visuals and euphoria. It was an incredible day with many breakthroughs and an overall intense but very fun time.

    Not to mention the order came within 2 days so everything in that front was smooth and great.

    Will buy again.

  4. Alex Whitehouse

    Great product. Fast and easy shipping

  5. Louie Williamson

    Great powerful mushroom, high quality and very fast shipping!

  6. Bradley Tucker

    We are not new to African Kobe, so these delivered exactly what we were expecting and that was a good quality experience. Thanks guys!

  7. Jessica Bray

    Very happy with this, thank you SO much! Arrived within a couple days of making purchase. Great!

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